"Why wait when I can do it now?" is the motto that best describes Dani Rey. Born in the suburbs of Washington DC, this full blooded Cuban girl knew music was to be her future at a very young age.  A daughter of two attorney's, one would not assume music would be her passion, but Dani started listening to the radio with her father at the age of 6.

"I would sit with my dad for hours and listen to music. Everything from the Beatles, Celia Cruz, and Andrea Bocelli, to Diana Ross. I would sing my heart out." And as most young girls her age, Hannah Montana became a role model. "If she could do it, so could I." Entering talent competitions in 7th grade is when Dani started to map out her future at a young age. Summers spent in Miami surrounded by her Cuban family and heritage fueled her passion for music. To this day, being with her family and music in Miami is where her heart is. It is here where she honed her skills as a singer. "As Cubans we are proud people. We work hard and never give up."


Naturally with her tenacious spirit, Dani had to graduate high school early. Just turning 17 recently, Dani is also full time freshmen at the World Campus University of Penn State. "My education is just as important to me as music. Studying Marketing and Media Studies at Penn will help me with my career." While the World Campus allows Dani to work from anywhere; the curriculum is the same as it would on campus. But being a full time student did not stop Dani from moving to Los Angeles to record her first EP. Produced by Devine Evans (Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, JLo, Arianna Grande), Dani co-wrote all 7 songs from her EP. "The experience recording for the first time was eye opening. I was able to learn what I want and what I don't want with my music and recording. I am so thankful for what I have learned."


The first single and video was for the track "Glow in The Dark."  Released this past spring, the pop groove track was one of Dani's favorite songs she had recorded. "The song is about seeing someone you like across the room but not having the courage to go up to them. Feeling like you are glowing but still not being seen." The video was shot with acclaimed Video Director David Rousseau (Pitbull). "I feel so lucky to have worked with such an amazing director. The video turned out exactly how I wanted it to be."

Her self-titled debut EP, out now, can best be described as pop with an urban edge and some Latin influences. While tracks like "Take it to the Floor" showcase her more dance/club side, "Yo" is a girl anthem featuring young rapper Miguelito.


This summer Dani recorded what has become her best work yet. The Cuban infused pop track "Nobody." Produced and co-written by up and coming producer Mark McKee, Dani took what she learned from the making of her first EP and was able to get the exact sound she wanted. "The song is about how you can be played by a guy but your life keeps moving on and you stay true to yourself." This message rings true to young women in the entertainment industry. Dani has found her voice and knows what she wants. To the extent that she directed the video for the single. "I loved directing this music video because I love being hands on with all my projects and this song is so special to me that it was so amazing for my vision to come to life."


It is clear to see that Dani is inspired by women like JLo and Rihanna who are both Entertainers and Business Women. I hope to be able to do it all, just like them." "With every experience I grow stronger and know more of what type of artist I want to be. I want my voice to be heard. I want to inspire others."



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